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Have you emerged from a peak experience or dark night of the soul, unsure of how to bring your hard-won spiritual wisdom into the rest of your life?

Or are you a spiritual person that has found yourself leading two lives: one where you know you are an expansive, sacred expression of Source, and one where you're just trying to survive the day-to-day?

What if you could fully integrate your spiritual journey with your everyday life, so that you can live in total authenticity and integrity, experience awe and deep connection every day, and align with your soul's purpose in a vibrant, fulfilling life that you love?

Very important things that weighed on me heavily I have been able to truly feel peace about. It was really a life changing experience and I feel like a "level up" happened/is happening very quickly. I am so grateful that we found each other!



Rosa was very detailed about the process and answered all of my questions. She guided without judgment and in a style that was comfortable for me. Rosa is very skilled at her craft. I'm grateful for this opportunity.


Holistic Nutritionist

This has changed my perspective in so many ways and my spiritual growth has propelled forward as a result. I'm so thankful to have found Rosa. If you're on a path of growth and want to better your life, don't think twice. Just do it. You will be forever grateful.


Reiki Master


I'm Rosa, a spiritual mentor and facilitator specializing in the transition from a life that contains spiritual practice to a life that IS spiritual practice, i.e. the fully integrated spiritual life.

There has been nothing in my life more transformational than engaging passionately with my spiritual development. After three college degrees, living all over the globe, and exploring a multitude of creative/professional pathways, I found that all my experiences pointed at one thing: the deep mystery of the soul, the meaning of existence.

I approached this mystery through many methods: meditation, yoga, spiritual teachers (including entheogens), hypnosis, and extensive metaphysical study. The core truth that I learned is that the pathways are infinite, but the goal is the same: to merge the physical and the spiritual.

It took a lot of dark times and difficulty, some phenomenal and dear friends, and a level of surrender that I wasn't sure I was capable of, but when I began to fully integrate my spiritual life with my everyday life, profound transformation occurred quickly and my life attracted more and more love into it, better health, fulfillment, clarity, money, everything! And every step I take to go further, to fully embody and express my Self in the world, to live my purpose publicly, I am met with even more.

I am completely in love with my life, and my greatest desire is to empower you to step forward and create your own heaven on earth!

The 60-Day Whole-Life

Integration Intensive

Are you ready to:

  • Freely and fully embody your authentic Self and values in everything you do: work, relationships, creative endeavors, etc.
  • Feel spiritually tapped in and aligned every day, as you are constantly reminded of your deep connection to Source
  • Ease into full soul expression in a supportive community dedicated to spiritual growth
  • See your relationships get better and better, as you watch others grow just by spending time with you
  • Create a life that you love, that you are so here for, such that every change just makes space for something even better!

The 60-Day Whole-Life Integration Intensive is an online program centered around a live, interactive community container that encourages connection, discussion, and "doing the work" together.

The Integration Intensive is held weekly for 60 days, with a week off for implementation and reflection at midpoint. Every Monday, I will be with you live to share wisdom and teach skills and practices that will serve you for a lifetime and guide your integration process.

The Integration Intensive offers three different levels of support, with corresponding levels of investment. Weekly and monthly payment plans are available through Affirm when enrolling.

The Community Package
  • Eight (8) 2-hour Interactive Integration Seminars
    In a live community container, you'll learn how to align, embody, tap in, and create YOUR heaven on earth!
  • Weekly Journal Prompts
    Through careful self-inquiry, you'll reflect on, process, and integrate what the seminar material means to you, making progress in your own divine timing.
  • Five (5) Audio Guided Journeys
    You'll be guided through powerful visualizations using proven hypnosis-informed techniques, shifting limiting beliefs at the subconscious level and preparing yourself for the journey of a lifetime.
  • Lifetime Access to our Exclusive Online Community
    Stay connected and continue your integration and creation process within a growth-focused, judgment-free community of "fellow travelers" on the spiritual path.

Investment Level:


The Soul Circle Package


  • Eight (8) Weekly Soul Circle Sessions
    We'll "do the work" together with the support and intimacy of a close-knit group of peers, tapping into collective wisdom and developing lifelong friendships.

    The power of the Soul Circle lies in the rich perspectives and insight generated within the group, as well as the personalized clarification, assistance, and feedback that I can provide each member. Witnessing each other's integration journey up-close is a precious and humbling experience, holding space for processing emotion, accelerating breakthroughs, and empowering each other in the creation of a deeply aligned life.
  • Private Follow-Up Call
    After the program, we'll take time 1:1 to reflect on your integration journey together and outline the next steps for your process.

Investment Level:


The Soul Journey Package


  • Four (4) 90-minute Private Soul Journey Hypnosis Sessions
    We will dive deep, using powerful 1:1 transpersonal hypnosis techniques to fast-track your spiritual integration work and access profoundly transformative healing.

    If you are serious about releasing the past, knowing and living your soul's purpose, and receiving guidance to create your aligned future, the Soul Journey Package ensures the highest level of individual support while providing access to expanded states of consciousness where "the work" can be done efficiently and effectively.

    I highly recommend this Package for those whose desire for integration comes with a sense of intense enthusiasm, curiosity, or urgency.

Investment Level:


Let's Work Together!

Fall Program starts September 2023

Choose Your Path



Learn how to fully integrate your spiritual journey with your everyday life in a live community container.



Soul Circle


Learn how to fully integrate your spiritual journey with your everyday life plus get small group support.



Soul Journey


Learn how to fully integrate your spiritual and everyday life plus get small group support AND private soul journey sessions.



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